Novella Wheaton Nied


Novella Wheaton Nied, wife of the Chargè d'Affaires at the office of the European Commission, Nuku'alofa, has written and illustrated a 21-page short story about her two female cats which she brought with her from Guyana (Ana) in South America and from the United States (Mezzy) to Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga.
The title of the book, "Ana and Mezzy arrive in the Kingdom of Tonga" is an ongoing dialogue between the cats from the time they hear Mr. and Mrs. Nied discussing their plans for travel to their new posting in Tonga.
The two feline friends discuss, among other things, travel arrangements, veterinarian visits, Tongan government healt requirements, their flight and fright as they make their way to the South Pacific. They arrive in Tonga knowing a few Tongan phrases and must be quarantined for several weeks before finally making their home at the CEE residence in Hofoa, Tongatapu.
What delight Mr. Nied more than the success she has had in selling most of the initial number of printed copies of her book, is that her small book can now be found un the archives of the biggest library in the world, the Library of Congress, Whashington D.C.
Cat lovers would especially enjoy reading this book. It would make a lovely gift for friends who have lived or visited Tonga or anticipate travelling there.

The book sells for US$ 6.50 and can be purchased by submitting your request to Mrs. Nied, including US$ 1.00 for postage and handling, to the following address in the United States:
Novella Nied
P.O.Box 21
El Prado (Taos), New Mexico 87529
Novella Nied
Private Bag 5, GPO
Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga
South Pacific

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